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Dateline 2016: Long thought to be forever lost in the studio fire of 1962, original copies of the 1954 American radio serial The Spaceship Zero Adventure Hour have finally been unearthed and are being made available to SSZ fans and old time radio enthusiasts, and we here at are the first to bring these lost treasures to your ears. The old magnetic tapes have been lovingly restored by talented archivists, and the resulting digital file is made available to the world at no cost.


The human beings who made this restoration possible have put a lot of time and hard work, and you can help them with a donation!

Here are the first three episodes for your enjoyment:

Chapter 1: “The Crew Assembles” In this episode Captain Stackhouse, Professor Ashton and Executive Heidi Mensa have a tense meeting. Meanwhile engineer Stu Spanner suffers a mysterious fate.

Click here to read the script: spaceship-zero-adventure-hour-chapter-1_-the-crew-assembles

Chapter Two: Into the Beyond: The crew initiates the Better-Than-Light Drive but something goes terribly wrong.

Click here to read the script: spaceship-zero-adventure-hour-chapter-two_-into-the-beyond

Episode Three: “Chapter Three: The Cataclysmic Miscalculation.” In this episode the crew realizes that the Better-Than-Life has created a second big bang which has destroyed the universe as we know it!

Click here to read the script: spaceship-zero-adventure-hour-chapter-3_the-cataclysmic-miscalculation

Episode Four: “Chapter Four: Directive Beta Five.” In this episode Mysterious particles from the beginning of the universe affect the deconstituted crew members in a strange way – swapping their minds and bodies!

Click here to read the script: spaceship-zero-adventure-hour-chapter-4_directive-beta-five

Episode Five: “Chapter Six: Escape From the Hydronauts.” In this episode Captain Stackhouse must find a way to defend the ship against an attack from a pernicious hydronaut saucer!

Click here to read the script: spaceship-zero-adventure-hour-chapter-6_escape-from-the-hydronauts

Episode Six: “Chapter Nine: Twenty Minutes of Oxygen.” Robot has gone nuts and locked Mensa and Stackhouse outside of the ship while their oxygen is running out!

Click here to read the script: spaceship-zero-adventure-hour-chapter-9_-twenty-minutes-of-oxygen

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Credits in alphabetical order:

Toren Atkinson, Warren Banks, Thomas Falk, Jay Harmer, Rob Hunt, Ellie Jefferies, Pia Guerra, Mike O’Donnell, Jordan Pratt, Chris Stewart.

Special thanks:

Merrick Atkinson, Bob Fugger, Mario Nieva.

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