Name: Hydronaut
Origin: Unknown
Intelligence: Average
Adaptations: Amphibious
Society: Military Dictatorship (possibly matriarchal)
Transportation: Scout Saucers, Dreadnoughts, Slave Ships, Planet Smashers
Weaponry: Disintegrators, Smart Bombs, Human Prods, Magno Beams
Notes: Genetically adaptable. Hydronaut-Human hybrids are used to facilitate communication between species

Name: Astro-Automatons
Origin: Unknown (outpost on Pluto)
Intelligence: High
Adaptations: Alien brain housed inside large robotic body
Society: Unknown
Transportation: “space gates”
Weaponry: Heat beams
Notes: At war with hydronauts; More powerful and intelligent but not nearly as numerous

Name: Bat-Beings
Origin: Unknown
Intelligence: Low
Adaptations: Flight; Bat-beings can swallow whole anything up to the size of a cow
Notes: domesticated and trained by hydronauts (primarily to kennel slaves, human or otherwise)

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