Spaceship Zero

In the astounding year 2025, SpaceCorp launched a Mark V Space Hopper dubbed “Spaceship Zero” to test its Better-Than-Light Drive. Captained by Glenn Stackhouse with the additional crew of pilot Richard “Dick” Ross, mechanic “Gearbox,” and scientist and inventor of the BTL Drive Professor Ashton, Spaceship Zero’s mission is one of destiny and destruction as the crew must come to terms with their role in the destruction of one universe and the creation of another. In a dark, topsy-turvy parallel solar system, these four humans and their fated vessel must try to liberate a ragged, beaten human race who have become little more than a resource to a conquering amphibious alien empire at war with mysterious robots from beyond the galaxy.

20 Minutes of Oxygen – The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets from Mike Jackson on Vimeo.

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  1. Oh man, guys, I used to watch reruns of the german television show as a kid, The subtitles practically taught me to read! Even to this day I run campaigns where the brave crew of Spaceship Zero fight to defend Earth Two.

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